Renaissance Capital Partners

At Renaissance Capital Partners, we typically invest between £100k and £500k in high growth companies. We may invest in an active or passive manner, depending on your business needs and the level of our investment.

Our key investment criteria are that investee companies must be:

  • Post revenue or very close to it
  • Able to pass our 5 investment tests (brand, product, management, market, and culture)
  • Ethical in their approach to business

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RCP employs a team of skilled professionals and engages in a wide range of investment activities. Our portfolio includes:

  • Private company investments from start-ups to high quality, high growth SMEs
  • Listed equities in high growth and recovery situations
  • Distressed corporate debt
  • Real estate
  • Foreign exchange
  • Commodities

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Renaissance Works

Our sister company, Renaissance Works Limited, provide world class incubation facilities in a prime Central London location. Some of the benefits of our incubation services include:

  • A prime central London location
  • Full accounting services and financial control
  • Access to legal assistance
  • Reduced costs via shared services

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Latest News

RCP invests in NearDesk

NearDesk makes flexible working easy, with a single card that lets you walk-in to business hubs across the UK

11 August 2014

RCP invests in Meals From Scratch

Scratch was founded with the vision to make it easier to cook great food from scratch. Its core product lines are a range of fresh meal kits that enable our consumers to experience the joy of cooking in the time that it takes to heat a ready meal.

Scratch provides all the prepared ingredients and instructions to cook a meal from scratch in less than
8 minutes. The Scratch range is developed and endorsed by Michel Roux snr who has held 3 Michelin Stars for 25 years, one of the only chefs in the world to achieve this. The range is targeted at Professional singletons and couples and is positioned as a premium every day product, retailing at £3.95 for a meal for one and £5.99 for a meal for two.

10 June 2014

RCP invests in OwnFone

OwnFone is a new and very different type of mobile company based in the UK. OwnFone believes in the importance of simplicity and good design, and wants to bring some balance back to a world where complexed smartphones dominate the market place.

OwnFone has gone back to the drawing board and worked hard to develop a mobile phone that can truly be called easy to use.

11 August 2014